Debbie Pastor - Owner

Aspira Counseling

We provide practical, science based counseling for substance use disorders, family members dealing with addiction, consulting for businesses and drug testing.
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Resilience and Persistence gets results. We want to help people struggling with substance use and their family members recover and regain control of their lives. After disasters and pandemics, we are all getting tested and become aware how fragile our accustomed lifestyles can be. Through specialized, experienced counseling, we work with you to become more resilient, establish boundaries and prevent relapse. Recovery in times of a changing world requires specific tools, flexibility and adaptation. We offer telehealth, use of an app for self monitoring and a personalized treatment plan.

Family members concerned about a loved ones drug and alcohol use suffer greatly and have few places to turn to with specialized training. Learn how to respond differently, set boundaries, assert yourself and protect yourself mentally, financially and even physically. Modern communication can help you make changes to increase the chances of your loved one getting in to treatment.

For businesses, consulting and pre-employment drug testing is available. Sometimes drugs and alcohol affect the work and output, yet the staff member is of great value with their experience and know-how. Rather than termination, how about conceptualizing direct care early on. Early intervention can save the staff member and their family from increased problems if losing employment and the company loses a valuable person and asset. Through consulting, options can be discussed and presented.