Big’s BBQ & Brew Pub

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The Barbecue

At Big’s, we source local ingredients when possible. Our meats are mostly locally raised and our smoked sausage is handmade in-house. We’ve partnered up with a local bakery for bread and other baked goods as our kitchen uses no fryers, microwaves, nor ovens! Big’s Iowa-style barbecue uses the perfect mixture of the various regional specialties and techniques and combines it into an amazingly delicious style all its own.
Big’s Brew Pub flight sampler of craft beer.

The Beer

We’re proud to say that we serve all our own craft beer, brewed right here on site in Mount Vernon, Iowa! Not so much a craft beer fan? Of course you should try OUR beer first (we bet you’ll find something to your liking), but we also have our own hard cider and root beer on tap. Our brewmaster’s recipes are heavily German influenced and he adheres to the German purity law. While we have our staple brews regularly available, we change out what’s on tap to give you something new regularly. We proudly use Briess Malt and choice hops to give you a higher quality of craft beer than most have come to expect.