Fur de Leash LLC

"We have always loved our pets to the end of the world and back and will provide that same love for your pet."
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My name is Stacie Shapiro and I am the proud owner of Fur de Leash LLC. What brought me to the decision of starting a pet care business was my love of animals. While I spent the majority of my life with a dog (or dogs), my love for all animals goes further than pet ownership. I have spent many a vacation venturing into the wilderness to be with animals and further understand their existence and behaviors. I have traveled through rain forests of Central America and to the Galapagos Islands. I have to say, nothing is better than being able to sit on the beach next to a sea lion and be at one with nature.

Another factor leading me to this path was born out of necessity. Professionally, I worked in the field of finance and worked many long hours which included traveling. As my dogs began to age they became more stressed when left at the kennel. I would try to find college students to care for my pets but I never felt like my pets were getting the attention they needed. I wanted someone to come to my house and be “another me” in my pets’ eyes.