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In 2015, after a few chance encounters with Colorado Beagle Rescue, I started gravitating my own personal rescue work more toward this breed who has a unique need. Most people assume our rescue work is rooted in our love for these silly little dogs, and while I do adore them, our work is based more on need than on love. Few people know what a vicious cycle the life of a stray hunting dog can be, being bounced around from shelter to shelter after being cast away by new owners who think they can get them to hunt, then leaving them stray in the woods when they fail. Few also know what awesome companion dogs they are – beagles have battled the stigma of being nonstop barkers for years, and as a “yard dog” with no stimulation that can certainly be true, but as a companion they’re one of the most easygoing breeds out there! Still though, they’re near the bottom of the desired breeds list for most Arkansas adopters. Luckily, many folks in Colorado love this breed for its stamina and hardiness, as well as its travel-friendly size. Thanks to CBR’s dedication to helping with the massive pet overpopulation in the South, our relationship with this spectacular organization has grown deeper and deeper into our hearts and across the Hounds Hideaway pet parent population.