JT’s Slapshot Hockey Shop

JT’s Slap Shot Hockey Shop is an independently owned hockey, lacrosse, and figure skating store serving the Midwest Region since 2005.
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We are the Midwest’s Premier Hockey Store, carrying all the major brands – with the largest selection, most knowledgeable staff, and outstanding customer service. We are proud to carry all 3 of the Foot Scan Devices from BAUER, CCM & TRUE. We are the ONLY location in the Midwest to have any Foot Scan devices. There is no need to travel the Chicago, St. Louis or the Twin Cities when you can get the experience you want – and deserve – at JT’s!

There is no other place in the Midwest you’ll find a dealer that carries Bauer, Brian’s, CCM, Eagle, Grit, Mission, True, Vaughn & Warrior, among many other manufactures. We believe in providing the Midwest with the greatest selection of equipment possible, while keeping a Price Match Guarantee. The prices you see on any competitor’s website are the same that you will see in our store, or online.