Mahaska Bottling Company has a long history that dates back to the late 1800’s.
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1889 – The rich American tradition that is Mahaska begins with James WV. McKinley and U.S. Patent No. 418,469 dated December 31, 1889. McKinley was a forefather of the bottling industry with his hand-pump and barrel attachment representing one of the initial manufacturing innovations that coincided with the invention of the oldest carbonated soft-drink brands.

1916 – McKinley used his innovation to found Mahaska Bottling Works, producing Strawberry and Root Beer soft drink flavors under the Chief Mahaska Flavors[b1] brand. In 1912, McKinley took on a partner in U.G. Deck. In 1916, the passing of U.G. Deck afforded Harry Morgan the opportunity to purchase Mahaska Bottling Works. Harry Morgan was the first in the current line of Mahaska proprietors and was responsible for transforming Mahaska Bottling Works into the fully integrated manufacturing operation that was Mahaska Bottling Company—the first step in our transformation into the modern day Mahaska.