Marsh Dog

“no one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
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Marsh Dog was founded in 2012 by siblings Hansel Harlan and Veni Harlan. A third sibling Gretel Kelly and her husband Bob, came on board in 2018. All are avid dog lovers, rooted in south Louisiana, and witnesses to its sheer beauty, unique culture, and heart-breaking vulnerability. The siblings didn’t arbitrarily decide to enter the pet food industry. They saw a problem and wanted to contribute to a solution.

So what’s the problem? Destruction of Louisiana wetlands by Nutria. This invasive species has already destroyed 100,000 acres prior to institution of the Federal/State Nutria Control Program. The program incentivizes the removal of Nutria from wetlands to stop further land loss by providing a bounty at taxpayer expense. The fur and the highly nutritious lean meat of Nutria was not being utilized.