Northside Pet Services

We provide a wide variety of individualized pet services to serve the needs of our clients and their pets.
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Welcome to Northside Pet Services!!! I started this business in 1995 and I have almost 40 years of experience in animal care, with both domestic and exotic animals. I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse and I hold a Masters Degree in Educational Administration. I have done everything from managing a Humane Society, working in clinical veterinary medicine, and teaching and researching in the animal labs of two medical schools. This variety has given me a deep understanding of both the physiological and psychological aspects of animal health and behavior, allowing me to approach each pet intuitively and appropriately.

We pride ourselves on providing exemplary service to our human clients and some of the most important members of your family…your pets. NPS provides the highest standard of care, not only in regards to your pets, but your home. My staff is committed to the same high standards, and the training I provide enables Northside Pet Services to provide the best pet/home care services available in Indianapolis.